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Afnic continues to invest in the online presence of French Internet users
As a central player of the French Internet and the incumbent manager of the .fr TLD, Afnic has been involved with users and professionals ever since the association’s inception.


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Les transmissions en 2015




2015 marked by an upswing in registrant changes of domain names under the .fr TLD 

This month’s issue of the Afnic Industry Report on Domain Names focuses on the issue of registrant changes of domain names under the .fr TLD. 


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Eviter le phishing




How to avoid getting your domain name stolen by email

In early November, alerts from Registrar on the social networks and their own sites were repeated. This post is our contribution to those messages and echoes the warnings of our Registrars.


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CENTR Awards 2015
CENTR Awards 2015
3 December 2015 - Ireland
Dublin : CENTR Marketing workshop
15-16 December 2015 - USA
New York City : WSIS +10

Green IT : Must we act as soon as possible?
Near CMP21, a new challenge rises to fight polution : the Internet and its infrastructures. Aurélien Poret, Infrastructure Manager at Ikoula, analyses the situation in his French column in the JDN.
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They have just joined us
Welcome to IAI the African Digital Institute based in Libreville, Gabon, who just joined the Afnic International College.
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