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AFNIC Newsletter
JULY 2012 - N° 008  


On June 28, AFNIC’s mandate as the Registry for the .fr TLD was officially renewed. Further to the call for applications launched on 22 March 2012 under the new legislative framework for domain names set up in 2011, Ms. Fleur Pellerin, Junior Minister for the Digital Economy, selected AFNIC for a further term of 5 years.  

The project proposed by AFNIC involves a number of commitments, including first of all maintaining a competitive, cost-oriented price: for example, the prices for domain names with the .fr extension offered by AFNIC – which are already 20% lower than those for the .com – will decrease by at least 5% within the next two years. Another commitment made by AFNIC is to donate the profits from the .fr TLD to a Fund to Support the Development of the Internet, with independent governance, which will fund research initiatives for the development of the Internet. Finally, the recognition of the essential value of the .fr TLD as an infrastructure has been confirmed. A special protocol on the security and reliability of the .fr namespace has been signed with the Ministry and with the French Network and Information Security Agency (FNISA).

AFNIC wishes to take this opportunity to thank all those who have supported us – as expressed in particular on the website - and for your on-going confidence in the excellence of the project. We shall continue to serve the best interests of all the French stakeholders on the Internet.



Afnic continues as the registry for the .fr TLD

In an Order, Ms Fleur Pellerin, Junior Minister for the Digital Economy, appointed Afnic as the registry for the .fr TLD for a new five year term. 

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Opening of IDNs to all and the first review of Afnic statistics

As IDNs opened for registration to all on 3 July 2012, Afnic takes stock of its progress over the last 2 months.

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Afnic in Prague for the 44th ICANN meeting

Afnic attended the 44th ICANN meeting that was held in Prague from 24 to 29 June 2012.

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Report on the resilience of the Internet, to help make cyberspace safe and sound

ANSSI and Afnic have published the first edition of a detailed, precise report on the resilience of the French Internet.

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Open Day with the Afnic Scientific Council on 4 July 2012

For the second year in a row, Afnic organized an open day with its Scientifc council on July 4, 2012, with the active support of the Mines-Telecom Institute.

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What's the best way of representing a brand on the Internet? To answer these and other questions, you could meet Afnic at the latest workshop.

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Afnic Scientific Council Open Day 2012
Journée du Conseil scientifique Afnic

23 July 2012 - Zambia

AFTLD's General Assembly

Afnic will attend this event focused around African ccTLDs in Livingstone, Zambia from July 23rd to 27th.
11 october 2012 - France

Registrar and User Consultavie committees

Afnic will organize its Registrar and User consultative committeeson Thursday 11 October 2012.
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Resilience of the French Internet
Rapport annuel 2011
Infographic : IDNs the first hours of the 3 July 2012 opening
Quality of service performance - June 2012
Tableau de bord de la qualité de service
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